Letter from the President of PA

Letter from the President

A letter from the President of Peace Ambassadors USA
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Our New Home

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About Us

Peace Ambassadors USA is a non-profit, community based organization founded in 2012 to fight bias, bigotry, and racism through education and interfaith dialogue. PA will be utilizing education and outreach programs mixed with charitable works to accomplish its mission. Through these activities and programs, PAwill focus on building bridges of peace, understanding, and co-existence between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans of all faiths and backgrounds. Peace Ambassadors USA’s vision is to excel in providing innovative outreach services and education programs by establishing quality instructional programs, disseminating educational products, and founding charitable works and services in order to promote better interfaith communication and services.

Actions speak louder than words. The founders of this project have realized that it has become imperative to stand up and show the genuine and peaceful nature of their faith through action rather than talk. Establishing outreach programs and services are some of the actions that they have decided to undertake. Showing true love and genuine respect to those around us will be transpired through involvement in the community. Caring about the poor, helping the needy, and communicating with others will eventually lead to the changing of the negative pre-conceived notions about Islam and Muslims that many people around the world hold.

Unfortunately, a great deal of Americans do not know much about Islam except what they learn from the mainstream media. A vast number of them think that Muslims are stone worshipers who revere a Moon god. In their minds, that is why the Muslims place the crescents on the top of Mosques. This misconception and many others have created a great deal of resentment between Muslims and Non-Muslims. The founders of Peace Ambassadorshope that through genuine dialogue, programs, and initiatives they will help to clear up these misconceptions and play a leading role in fostering a more assertive and constructive relationship.


Donations constitute 100%
of our total funds to carry out our peaceful message.

What we hope to do

Below is an outline of our plans for developing and sustaining the activities and services of Peace Ambassadors USA. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with them, and if you want more information, please call us or stop by for a tour of our facility

Our current focus is on building or purchasing the PA Community Outreach Center which will include the main office, radio station, library, and an audio visual production center where we will produce informative materials about Islam. In addition, the center will contain a IMAX multipurpose theater, printing center, and classes that will host our programs.

  • Finding a Suitable Location
    • Surveying the Area
    • Checking the Zoning and City Ordinances
  • Fundraising and Purchasing the Location
    • National and International Fundraising
  • Blueprints for the New Work on the Building
    • Contracting and Building or Renovation
  • Fundraising and Starting to Build and/or Renovate
    • The Completed Building is to have a total of Three Floors
      • First Floor includes the Front Rental Stores, Offices, and Classes
      • Second Floor includes the PA Main Office, Radio Station, Printing Center, and other facilities
      • Third Floor to be added including an IMAX multipurpose theater
  • Moving In and Consolidating all the PA activities to the Main Location
  • The Whole Program will be available to other Islamic Centers in the Region

What we've already accomplished

Phase One: (Completed)

This phase will focus on the establishment and the initial stages of the project. It will basically include the paper work and project designs.

  • Registration and Legal Matters
  • Letters of Recommendations from Different Reputable Entities
  • Establishing an Office
  • Recruiting Board Members and Volunteers
  • Designing a State of the Art Website
  • Designing a Mini-library Package
  • Establishing an Audio Visual Production Center
  • PR and Fundraising
  • Establishing a (1-800) number for a 24/7 hot line
  • Establishing an online magazine called Good News

Phase Two: ( Part I Completed, Part 2 work in progress)

 This phase will focus on the start of building and executing programs and initiatives sponsored by PA. It will include the following as a start and will be divided into two parts. Those programs will take place in different facilities such as mosques, churches, and any other available facilities.
  • Part I
    • Training Youth and Volunteers for Outreach and Interfaith Programs
    • Establishing the Initiative of the Speakers Bureau
    • Start the “Sponsor A Professor Initiative”
    • Start the “Sponsor A Legislator Initiative”
    • Start the “Sponsor A Church Initiative”
    • Start the “Sponsor A Neighbor Initiative”
  • Part II
    • Recruiting and Training Volunteers for the following:
      • Free Arabic Classes
      • Free English Classes
      • Free Spanish Classes
      • Free Islamic and Middle Eastern Study Classes
      • Children’s Character Building Classes (free for those who cannot afford it)
      • Free Computer Classes (once PA adds a computer lab)
    • Country of the Month (a monthly international festival)
    • Intellectual Club (local intellectuals’ monthly meeting)
    • Open Houses (Interfaith events)
    • Exchanged Visits (between various local and national religious and educational entities)
    • Discovering Talents through Talent Shows
    • Knowledge Contexts (Islamic knowledge)
    • Soup Kitchens (for now we are joining existing local and national efforts)
    • Free Clinics (with the help of volunteering local Muslim doctors)
    • Community Fun Days and Trips
    • TV and Other Forms of Islamic Informative Advertisements
    • Future Programs