Peace Ambassadors USA Careers

Come join the Peace Ambassadors Family!

We are hiring and need dedicated people to come fill these positions so that we can continue to provide these valuable services to our community. 

Maintenance Custodian

This part time position is available to anyone – as long as you meet our minimum age requirement (18+ yo).

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of our facility and fixing anything that needs to be repaired (part time).

Grant Specialist

  • Researching State, Federal, and internationally available grants.
  • Obtaining grants to help fund the activities, services, and expansion of Peace Ambassadors USA.

Graphic Designer

No prior experience necessary, but a potential graphic designer employed by our organization would need to be proficient with digital graphic design workstations, such as Photoshop. Keep in mind, providing us with examples of previous design work could potentially give you, the applicant, an edge over the competition.

This position would require one to be here when needed, and the work would be on demand. Deadlines of projects requested will be strict and must be kept by the employee at all times.

  • Supervision of the creation and editing of any graphic designs attributed to our organization.


  • Maintaining the current Peace Ambassadors website.
  • Expanding the content and capabilities of our webpage as well as the creation of sites associated with Peace Ambassadors.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Supervision of all financial records and book-keeping for Peace Ambassadors USA.


  • Participation in the greeting of guests and clients of Peace Ambassadors USA at our Nashville, TN office.
  • Giving tours of our facility to guests.
  • Answering phone calls and providing answers to questions concerning our programs and services asked by clients.
  • Assisting in signing people up for our programs and services.