Peace Ambassadors USA Business Incubation

In any community, business incubators support the development of start-ups by providing them with advisory and administrative support services. Our primary objective is to produce successful and financially viable businesses that can survive on their own. We do not focus on technology companies or on a combination of industrial and service companies, but we work with companies from diverse industries.

In short, we drive our sense of value from the impact we can provide to our community. Providing temporary relief is just that, while robust sustainable self-funding will insure the prosperity of the individual and the community at large.

Our Business Incubator Initiative is simple. If we believe in your business – whether it is an existing business or a business proposal – we will provide you with an office, rent free, for one full year. During this time period, businesses would be expected to grow and become self sufficient because at the end of the year period, your business will be asked to leave. The reason why we do this is to allow other businesses to receive the same opportunity to participate in this initiative.

This initiative has the following features:
  • Rent free office – located at our Nashville, TN office.
  • Technological hardware support.
  • Advertisement/promotional support.
  • Professional counsel and mentoring.

If you or someone you know is an entrepreneur that needs help getting started please do not hesitate to reach out to us!