Peace Ambassadors USA Language Classes


PA will be offering free language classes – starting with the Arabic language. As the Muslim population in Nashville grows to heights never seen before, the demand for Arabic classes grows with it. This service will be designed to teach students of every age and level of scholarship and will focus on both classical or Qur’anic Arabic as well as contemporary/conversational Arabic.


To follow up after the creation of the Arabic language class, Peace Ambassadors will be offering free English classes in the same manner. A dialogue of cooperation and growth cannot occur if language barriers are up between communities. With the immigrant population increasing rapidly in the country in general, this is a service that will undeniably be very valuable – not to mention highly utilized. If you know someone who could benefit from free English classes, contact us for more information.


While much of the Hispanic population is dominated by Catholicism, more and more Spanish speaking people are being guided to Islam everyday. While it is tradition in the United States for people to learn English upon their immigration, Spanish can be seen everywhere these days. If you are seeking to learn Spanish, look no further. PA will take care of your every need.


It is a little known fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S., as well as around the world. There are now over seven million Muslims in this country alone (with over 1.7 billion worldwide), and the majority of the mosques in the U.S. have been built over the past fifteen to twenty years. However, a lot of new Muslims manage to lose their way simply because of a lack of support and education. Here at PA USA, we will be offering free Islamic study classes that will be custom tailored for each individual. Whether you have been a Muslim your entire life, a few months, or whatever the case, we will place you in the proper class according to your level of knowledge. Everyone can benefit from studying the Deen, regardless of how long you have been following it.