Peace Ambassadors USA Health Screening


Perhaps one of the most sought after and valued programs that we will be offering will be our Free Weekend Health Clinics. If you need a general physical exam but can’t afford to pay for it, contact us. One weekend a month, we will be providing free health screenings for the general population. The service is intended for those of us who cannot afford to pay for a doctor visit, so if you are financially able to pay for such services normally, please reserve the appointment times for people who really need it. This service is not meant to be a substitute for 911 or an Emergency Room visit. If you or someone you know is having a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

PA will start this service with free health screenings (blood pressure checks, basic blood work, etc.), and later, when we upgrade our facility, we will be equipped with a fully functional clinic. Of course, much of this depends on your generosity, so please, donate now